Kyaut Kalat Pagoda during sunset

Hpa-an – our first stop in Myanmar

Our first stop in Myanmar was 4 hours from the Thai border, a city of Hpa-An, which is the capital of Kayin State with a population of nearly half a million. This scenic town sits on the eastern bank of the Salween (Thanlwin) river.

We stayed at the Golden Palace Hotel for two nights and got to experience our hottest day so far during this trip (41 °C) and first of many power outrages in Myanmar. Also the air quality was quite bad at the time we visited due the farmers clearing land for the next harvest season by open burning the agricultural residues and forest fires due to the dry season. What we couldn’t but notice was, how nice the people in Myanmar really are. Here are some of the pics we took during our stay.

Laura in rest stop
Laura standing in local rest stop. We bought some ice cold 7-up.
Unpaved road to hpa-an
The roads were not quite up to western standards – actually it was probably the bumpiest ride we have experienced.
Hpa-an streets
Laura is walking the Hpa-an streets. This is a local storefront.
Locals swimming in hpa-an
The locals swimming in Salwen river in Hpa-an
Fisherman's raft in Hpa-an
Sunset by the Salwen river. This raft is used by local fishermen.
Views from Golden Palace Hotel
These were the views from our hotel in Hpa-an.
Hpa-an Tuk-tuk
This tuk-tuk took us to Kyauk Kalat Pagoda and back. 10k kyat (6€) including the wait.
Chan Tar Gyi Temple at sunset
This golden Buddhist Temple next to Kyauk Kalat pagoda was awesome.
Laura posing with Hpa-an locals
Just like in many countries, Laura was a wanted selfie buddy.
Dog posing in front of the Pagoda
This temple puppy was eager to pose for us. Behind is the famous Pagoda.
Monk paddling during sunset
This monk was paddling around the Pagoda during sunset.
Laura by the lake
Laura is watching the sun set at Kyauk Kalat Pagoda.
Kyaut Kalat Pagoda during sunset
The Pagoda defied the laws of gravity on the limestone pinnacle at the man-made lake.
Sunset by lake in Hpa-an
The sunset at Kyaut Kalat Pagoda turned out to be magnificent.
Monk apprentices walking
These monk apprentices were walking away after the sunset ceremony.
Children lighting candles
These young kids participated for a photo shoot trying to light candles.
Laura doing a happy jump
Laura performing her best happy jump after the sunset.

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