• Around the worls - how much it costs?

    How much does it cost to travel around the world?

    There is no all-around answer to this. It depends crucially on the standard of living you require, the length of the trip and number of places you want to visit. Almost anyone living in the rich parts of the world could do some kind of around the world trip. The cheapest way that comes to our mind is just flying around the world quickly.

  • Local bus in Goa

    How to use the local buses in Goa

    Vasco, Vasco, Vasco" is shouted repeatedly by the bus conductors everywhere in Goa, to mark the destination of the passing bus. India's bus system can feel really chaotic but it’s not impossible to use and has quite extended routes even to the smaller villages, although there are not many tourists using them. Be prepared to allocate enough time for the trip, as the speed of travel is not great in these crowded buses. The main reason for not using local buses is, that there are no routes or timetables available, at least not online. But it’s the cheapest mode of transportation in Goa and you can enjoy local way of…

  • Dubai Metro Guide

    Dubai Metro saves the budget traveler in this congested metropolis. We brought together an information package about Dubai metro and public transport. Take a look at the subway lines, prices for the various Metro Cards, and things you shouldn't do when using the public transport in Dubai.

  • Top 5 – Dubai on a budget

    Dubai is a great place to use money, lots of money. Spending a thousand euros is not enough to stay even one night in Burj Al Arab, the most famous 5-star hotel in the city. A short helicopter ride will cost you 500-1000 AED (120-240 EUR). Visiting the level 148 of Burj Khalifa will set you back 370 AED (90 EUR). Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, 120 AED (32 EUR). If you don’t want or can’t use that kind of money during your stay, here is our five budget friendly tips for you in Dubai.