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Hi! We are a Finnish married couple, Laura ❤️ Risto, without kids (yet), who have a passion for travelling, business, and learning new things.  We have been together since November 2009 and travelled in more than 50 countries as a duo. Since December 2018, we began our full-time around-the-world trip without an expiry date.

Travelling Finns - Laura & Risto

Why do we travel?

Our planet blue is now in a period of rapid and ever-accelerating change. Reading news gives you a snapshot of what’s going on, but this is a very confined view. And even if we could get an accurate and balanced view of the world through news and books, knowing something is only part of the equation – You need to see, feel, smell and taste things to really understand them.

But why do we even want to know? It’s a question we can’t answer too well, just like we can’t define the meaning of life. But as Abraham Maslow predicted decades ago, when you can fulfill the physiological and safety needs, you start to crave for more. We, humans, are curious – and there are lots of questions arising. Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we now? And where are we going?

So, our motivations are mainly egoistic and can be defined as self-fulfillment. We want to learn and grow as human beings. It’s not about spending days on the beach sipping a piña colada on a sunbed, but waking up every morning knowing, that the upcoming day will pose us new challenges, experiences and encounters – and getting back to bed a tiny bit wiser than the day before.

The feeling of freedom is captivating as well. Knowing that we can go anywhere, whenever and do whatever, as long as we stay within our budget. And going places bears another benefit, for we are not sure in which country we would like to live our lives. The place where we were born is only one alternative, and we want to see what’s available.

We believe most of us want to contribute to society as well. By travelling and seeing what’s going on, we hope to find a way to make a tiny impact on the world we are living in. We can’t be more specific, for we don’t know, what we are looking for exactly.

Not having a home is tough, so is settling for a significantly lower standard of living measured by material well-being. But as Risto’s grandmother, fighting severe memory loss, said: “You must go now that you are young and capable, when you get old you can’t do it anymore”.

How can we travel full-time?

Where do we get our money? The old saying, it’s not what you make it’s what you keep, that has been guiding our actions for the past few years. Neither of us has been making a lot, but we have been living on a very tight budget and invested everything in the stock market.

Now we have a situation, where we can travel indefinitely on a tight budget, or settle for a modest living somewhere, as long as the investment returns are at least somewhat mediocre in the long run. We will write another article about saving for an around the world trip later.

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