• Goa – like another country in India

    After breathing few days the smog of Delhi and Agra, we were quite pleased to move on. The improvement of air quality could be noticed already through the airplane windows and when exiting the plane at the Dabolim Airport it felt just great to breathe in. Look what two weeks in Goa offered us.

  • Local bus in Goa

    How to use the local buses in Goa

    Vasco, Vasco, Vasco" is shouted repeatedly by the bus conductors everywhere in Goa, to mark the destination of the passing bus. India's bus system can feel really chaotic but it’s not impossible to use and has quite extended routes even to the smaller villages, although there are not many tourists using them. Be prepared to allocate enough time for the trip, as the speed of travel is not great in these crowded buses. The main reason for not using local buses is, that there are no routes or timetables available, at least not online. But it’s the cheapest mode of transportation in Goa and you can enjoy local way of…

  • “You haven’t seen India before you have visited Taj Mahal”

    When we got to Delhi we were considering whether to visit Taj Mahal or not. It would mean a two-day trip to Agra (you can do it in one day from, but then the place might get crowded and you miss the sunrise) and Risto was quite sick. However, his condition was getting better, and we decided to book a flight to Goa on 18th, so a two-day trip to Agra got possible. And many of those train station scammers told us that visiting Taj Mahal is a must, so why shouldn't we believe them.

  • Delhi – the smoggy capital of India

    The flight from Dubai to Delhi went surprisingly well, taking Risto’s condition into account. The combination of painkillers and antibiotics must have done their job. We sat next to a young man from North India who had been working in Dubai for two years, and now got to go home and see his son. He was so excited that the joy got into us as well.