• Dubai – the city of opposites

    When we left our hotel room, perhaps the first notion we had was, where are all the women? In the UAE roughly 69 % of population is male, and in Dubai the ratio is even more skewed with more than 75 % males. This is due to work-related immigration of males from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines. The Deira area, where our hotel was located, is popular among these expats, which provides even more reasoning for our amazement.

  • Dubai – Cluelessly to Emirates

    As our schedule ended up being so tight, we did not really get to know the basic information about our destination. United Arab Emirates is the country number 28 on list of countries we have visited together, and quite certainly the country we knew the least about, when we arrived. Back in Finland we had checked the weather, basic safety situation, where to get a sim card and location of our hotel in relation to Dubai international airport. Otherwise we were as ignorant as possible.

  • The journey begins – Initial preparations and travel plan

    This year, we celebrated Finnish Independence Day unlike normal, leaving the country just before the hand shaking ceremony in the presidential palace. Yes, Finnish elite waits patiently for their turn to give compliments and shake hands with our President every year. For years, we have planned this journey in our minds. But the trip began, just as we should have guessed, in dreadful chaos.